Salted and dried
During the Middle Ages there was no big difference between the food in the town and the food on the countryside. Perhaps they used more spices in the town, since it was easier to get them there than on the countryside. Everybody salted or dried the food because they had to preserve the food for a longer time. They bought the salt in town where it was brought by a ship from Lübeck or other cities in Germany.

Celebration or an Ordinary Day
There was a big difference between ordinary food and banquet´s. When celebrating there were great parties and a lot of food, wine and beer. An ordinary day you had porridge and bread for breakfast and for dinner you had bread with pork or herring, root vegetable pot or pea soup.

The Farmer Grew His Owm Food
The farmer grew his own food. He grew root vegetables, peas and beans. A lot of people had a bee farm of their own to get honey. A great deal of what the farmer had grown was sold in town, especially cheese, butter, meat and honey, things that the people in the town did not have. These products were also handed in as taxes from the farmer.

An Garden of their Own
Almost everybody of the bourgeois in the town had small gardens where they grew their supply of vegetables and root vegetables. Some of them also had hens and pigs. The things you could not grow you bought at the market place.



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